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Beautiful holiday cabañas to rent in a Chilean Paradise

Climate in Maitencillo and Valparaíso

The climate is warm and temperate, making the area a lovely holiday destination throughout the year. 

During the warmer months (October to April) you can expect temperatures to peak at around 22o C with 12 hours’ sunlight a day. During the cooler months (May to September) the minimum recorded temperature in recent years has been 12 o C with 9.5 hours’ daily sunlight. 

The rain in Valparaíso falls mostly in the winter, with little or no rain in the summer. 

Fireplace and red wall

Plenty to see and do, all year round

One of the many advantages which Maitencillo Beach has is to appeal to holiday-makers throughout the year.

During the late autumn, winter and early spring (May to November) on days when it’s not warm enough to sit beside the pool or on the beach we have cosy fires to sit beside while you admire the views and enjoy the lovingly created eco-features of your cabaña. 

You can generally barbecue for nine months of the year on your private terrace and of course there are many lovely walks from your cabaña to neighbouring villages. Water sports, too, are available throughout most of the year.

Some wildlife is seasonal while others are here all year round. Come to make new friends!

PS If you’re going to visit the south and/or north of Chile, you’ll see that Maitencillo Beach is strategically placed in the middle and near to the capital, Santiago – making it the perfect stop-off holiday destination.

Maitencillo Beach

Maitencillo Beach